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The Problem With Lovecraft

Now, you might read that title and think “This article can be summed up in one word, ‘racism,’” and, uh… you’d be correct. I will eventually write a separate piece on that quaint nugget of history, but for the moment we’ll cast aside his xenophobia and legendary bigotry. I have another tentacle to pick withContinue reading “The Problem With Lovecraft”

Sticky Fingers and the Fleeting Flame of Mutiny Within

Children of the nineties like myself have seen the commercial a thousand times. Blaring, era-appropriate techno framing a series of petty crimes committed in broad daylight by nefarious 20-somethings, wrapped in a neat bow of shaky cam and nauseating, pulsating font, all designed to pound into your skull the often imitated, never replicated message: “YouContinue reading “Sticky Fingers and the Fleeting Flame of Mutiny Within”

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