Shameless Self-Promotion

Lee Alder was born in 1990 in Southern California. Raised by a pair of eccentric parents, Lee was able to nurture his two greatest loves through them- heavy, progressive music from his father- and classic literature from his mother. A perfect storm was created in his childhood while, at a summer camp for preteens, he met Austin, a to-be lifelong friend with a strong creative passion shared between them: Dungeons & Dragons.

And thus, the cocktail was formed: 1oz Fates Warning, 1oz To Kill a Mockingbird, and a healthy pour of D&D 3.5 Ed., served over ice, with a float of lemonade he and Austin swear they didn’t steal from the camp counselors.

He has spent the better part of the last decade jumping across the Valley, adopting and abandoning projects, stringing the moments together with the goal of seeing his work on the bookstore shelves he once stocked and read in the cafes he once managed. Whether keeping busy with scripts for local creatives and stage productions, musing in a notepad while sunk into the dilapidated couch of his favorite coffeeshop, or feverishly rereading the works of grimdark heavyweights, every moment brings the dream a step closer. Sometimes it just takes a little pain, a lot of patience, and a few whispers of Eldritch wisdom.

Lee continues to reside in Southern California with his fiance Krista and his chosen family, Alex, Morgan, and original partner in crime, Austin.